Friday, 27 November 2009

Sunset on Ko Lanta,

Gee meets ladyboy.

Dee meets the demons.

and its back to Bangkok

Well, we left Ko Lanta peace and serentity and no we are back in the crazy world that is Bangkok. The journey here involved a ferry back to Krabi, a 3 hr journey on a rather crumby local bus to Surat Thani, driving through the winding little local roads stopping every few mins to pick up and drop off. Then finally picking up the 'luxury' VIP bus at about 8pm. (we left Ko Lanta at 12!) We then travelled in relative comfort. with real air con, reclining seats and VIDEO!!! (Twilight, Nicola/Paula! I enjoyed it and wanna watch the sequel now) We actually slept quite a bit and were rudely woken up at 04.45 in Bangkok, where we were dumped on the side of the road! But, hey, those canny taxi drivers were there! They dont miss a trick! a good price negotiated and we were whizzing thro the 'quiet' streets. You dont often see them like that. We walked into the very plush Bel Air, and the night staff, never faized, started trying to get us to pay for another day, 1,500 bhat! Did we look like we just fell off the back of a lorry??? well, yes actually! we looked pretty dammed awful, and probably smelt rather ripe. Ha!
So we just dumped our bags and went off to find an all night cafe, a 24hr MacDonalds and watched the entertainment, well this is Bangkok! Yes ladies of the night were still out, although most of them were just after a 'big Mac' (narf, narf) by this time.
When we could get into the hotel, we crashed out for a few hours and enjoyed the luxury of 5 stars!!!! Oh the bliss of clean white sheets/towels and no cockroaches or ants!!!!
Later, we poshed ourselves up a bit and went to a 'Ladyboy night' Off the scale on the 'bizzare meter' The most georgous 'women' in the most fabulous costumes and headdresses entertained us miming to a selection of Thai and Western music. looking very demure at times and saucy at others. Constantly winking and smiling at the young Japanese boy (called Will, Ha!) sitting next
to me.
Boy, did it all change when the show ended and we were invited to take photos at 50Bht a go. we got out into the foyer and were mobbed by these 'beautiful women' screaming at us to "take my picture, take my picture, you promised, you promised!!! Suddenly they were'nt feminine or demure any more, they were most definatly male, and would have ripped your head off if you messed with them! We didnt!!! We took a coupe of pics and got outta there pretty quick.
Today we thought we ought to 'do' a bit of culture! and paid for a charming 'real' woman to take us (in a limo, with driver) to The Golden Palace, which is the home of the very famous Emerald Bhuda. A lovely morning, looking at the intricate workmanship, all gold leaf and coloured glass mosiac, back to hotel for lunch a quick swim and then out for a walk, where we found a massage parlour, where they use 'live fish'. You put ur feet into a tank and hundreds of tiny fishes come and nibble away at you! after a soak, we were then pummelled and poked for about an hour, and it was really, really nice!
We then walked on and sat in a park watching a solitary figure doing Thai Chie, whilst behind her was a group of young cheer leaders practising, ha! and now we are in a shopping mall, its 9.30 at night and a band of 'Beatles' lookie likees are bashing out Beatles hits!!! That ol bizzare meter's taking a hammering today!
sorry for poor spelling, its late an I'm tired! xxx

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Forgotten where we're up to.

We're on Ko Lanta Island enjoying a few days in the sun and staying in a beach bungalow a few yards from sea. Had dinner on the beach for the last two evenings with Austrian friends. Nevwirth and Herbert.

Explored the island yesterday on motorbike, the day being interupted for a swim every now and then. The first few days here were overcast but sun has come out now.

We are leaving here tomorrow for minibus back to Krabi and then overnight coach to Bangkok for three days there before we return to UK and December weather, Christmas etc.

May get some piccies on tomorrow but sun is about to set down by the beach so it's cocktail time!!!

See ya!

ps Sorry Harris we didn't get to Pattya, we were seduced by Ko Lanta!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

You think this is a lot - wait till we get home!

Photo One - Our Dive instructor friend Zoe.

Photo two - Chop, chop, bang, bang. Thai Cooking course, so its photos and Thai curry at our place then?

Yet more ......

Photo One - Master Thai Chef finals

Photo Two - Flowers made from real fruit at local festival

Photo Three - Graham's pulled!!

Photo Four - Friend for Will, Happy Christmas!

Photo Five - Synchronised snorkeling!

More photos

Photo one - "The two headed beach monster"
Photo two - "Beauty on the beach"
Photo three - "Daniel Craig eat your heart out!!"
Photo four - Happy birthday Dee I got you a boat.


Photo One - "Mermaid!"

Photo Two - "Harris" our Thai cultural and language advisor, thanks Harris!

Photo Three - Gee and Dee before the big swim!!

Photo Four - Dinner with Norwegian friends Gier and Justina

Photo Five - "Happy feet"